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Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK
Minecraft PE APK

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK Mod

Version: | File Size: 86 MB | Updated: 2018-08-09

Minecraft: Pocket Edition APK is a sandbox game. There is no plot in the whole game. Players are free to build and destroy in the game. By combining and splicing elements like building blocks, it is easy to make cabins, castles and even cities. Players can experience the feeling of God through the works they create. In this game, not only can single entertainment, but also multiple people online, players can also install some modules to increase the fun of the game.

The Minecraft PE APK focuses on letting players explore, interact, and change a map dynamically generated by a cubic meter of squares. In addition to squares, environmental functions include plants, creatures, and objects. Some of the activities in the game include collecting ore, fighting against hostile creatures, synthesizing new squares, and collecting tools for various resources found in the game. The unrestricted mode of the game allows players to create buildings, works and artistic creations in a variety of multiplayer games or their single player mode.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition Survival strategy

Adventure mode: Unable to dig blocks, generate monsters, and generate buildings. There are blood strips and hunger values.

Creative mode: unlimited resources, can fly, will generate monsters, but monsters will not actively attack, will generate buildings. Unlimited blood, no hunger.

Survival mode: will generate monsters, will generate buildings. There are blood strips and hunger values. Need to mine the cubes, collect resources to defeat the monsters to survive.

Limit mode: Same as survival mode, but will not resurrect after death, and calculate points after death.

Bystander mode: The spectator mode was introduced in 14 years. In this mode, the player can be invisible, free to fly, penetrate all creatures and squares, very interesting, and the most important thing is to enter In the body of the creature, observe the outside world through their perspective.

Online mode: Multiplayer is a server-based game type. As the name implies, through multiple people online, different players can interact with each other in the same world. Players can collaborate on building, mining, and fighting each other.